Abattage BC is a company with 15 years of experience in the business. We specialize in tree cutting especially dangerous trees, pruning, cedar edge trimming, stump grinding, and branch chipping.

Abattage BC is a locally owned business situated in Gatineau and servicing the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

We provide professional tree cutting services and our team will be glad to give you a free estimate. Don't hesitate to call us; you'll get a fair price and professional services.

Abattage BC has complete insurance.


Tree Removal

We specialize in cutting down dangerous trees.

Big or small trees make no difference to us, we guarantee you satisfaction.

There is no problem for us. The trees can be near building, swimming pool, or even services house wires.


Abattage BC will get rid of all the branches using a shredder that turns them into chips.

Trimming - Pruning


Pruning consist in cutting dead branches or interferences. An interference is a branch that touches another one or a branch that is too close to electric wires or buildings

Pruning is also done to clear a tree that has too many branches. A tree with too many branches can be harmful to its environment. Other trees, plants and flowers around it won't have enough sunshine. If there are strong winds or heavy rain, the branches can break easily and the wind could even break the top of the tree.

We use cables and ladders to do the pruning. We do not use spurs because they could damage the tree and the rain and insects could penetrate into it.


Abattage BC will prune your cedar hedge. It is better to prune it once a year in the spring or in the fall.

Stump Removal

Why keep old tree stumps in your garden?

They don't look good, it's hard to cut the grass around them, and they are a great nesting place for ants.

Abattage BC can grind these stumps 6 to 8 inches below ground. You can grow grass or put plants over them. You can even build a patio, a shed or put a swimming pool.